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20 Video Ending Ideas You Need To Know

Imagine creating an exciting video, but due to its dull ending, people didn’t like your content. It happens to a lot of people as they focus on hook and video content but miss out on the proper end. Your video ending can hugely impact your audience by directing them on what to do next. It can also be a great tool for branding. So here we have some great video ending ideas that you can use in your content and engage the audience even after the video.

But prior to anything else, familiarize yourself with the genuine video content meaning and the purpose of employing this approach.


What Should A Video Ending Be Like?

A video ending is crucial in leaving a strong and memorable impression on your viewers. To make your content more engaging, your video closing should ideally be like this:

Recap And Summarize

A great way to conclude your video is by summarizing the main points you covered. This reinforces the key takeaways for your viewers.

Call To Action

Encourage your audience to take a specific action after watching your video. It could be subscribing to your channel, liking the video, sharing it, or visiting your website.

Reinforce Your Brand

If you have a personal or business brand, use the ending to reinforce it. This could include displaying your logo, tagline, or a short brand message. 


Create a sense of community by asking questions or requesting feedback from your viewers. This can encourage comments and interaction on your video.

Teaser For The Next

If your video is part of a series or you plan to create related content, hint at what’s coming next. This can build anticipation for your future videos.

Express Gratitude

Don’t forget to thank your viewers for watching. A simple “Thank you for watching” can go a long way in showing appreciation.

End Screen Elements

Utilize YouTube’s end-screen features to link to related videos, playlists, or your subscribe button. You can also use video script templates to produce an entire video along with an engaging ending.


Video Ending Ideas

Creating a compelling video ending is essential to engage your viewers and leave a lasting impression. Here are 20 video ending ideas to consider:

Ask A Question

Pose a thought-provoking question related to your video’s content to encourage comments and engagement.

Subscribe Reminder

Kindly ask your viewers to subscribe to your channel for more content.

Tease Upcoming Content

Give a sneak peek of what your next video will be about to build anticipation.

Promote A Product Or Service

If relevant, briefly promote a product, service, or an affiliate link related to your video’s topic.

Use Humor

End your video with a humorous or lighthearted note to leave your audience with a smile.

Reiterate Key Points

Summarize the main takeaways from your video to reinforce the message.

Encourage Likes

Politely ask viewers to give your video a thumbs up if they found it helpful.

Share Personal Experience

Share a relevant personal story or experience that ties into the video’s theme.

Quotes Or Inspirational Messages

Leave your audience with an inspiring quote or motivational message.

Behind-The-Scenes Peek

Offer a glimpse of your video-making process or behind-the-scenes bloopers.

Quiz Or Challenge

Pose a quiz question or challenge for viewers to participate in the comments.

Interactive Poll

Use YouTube’s interactive poll feature to engage viewers with a relevant poll question.

Show Appreciation

Express gratitude for your viewers’ time and support.

Highlight Comments

Shout out to viewers who left interesting comments on your previous videos.

Promote Social Media

Encourage viewers to follow you on social media for updates and additional content.

Educational Extras

Suggest additional resources like books, articles, or websites for further learning.

Recommend Other Channels

Promote other YouTube channels or creators that align with your content.

Incorporate Music

End with a music snippet or a catchy tune that complements the mood of your video.

Quick Recap Montage

Compile short clips of highlights from your video and play them as a recap.

Farewell And Sign-off

Conclude with a warm farewell message and your channel’s catchphrase or tagline.


Elevate Your Video Endings

Next time, whenever you create a video, make sure your ending sounds interesting. Use these video ending ideas as an inspiration and make your content more impactful. This way, your audience will come to you again because they know they are getting something out of your content. 


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