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6 Pro Tips To Use AI Writing Generator GPT

ChatGPT is a wonderful tool in the world of AI. After its fame, many other tools came into being. But one thing that makes GPT unique from other tools is its great conversational ability. You can talk with ChatGPT about anything, and it will reply as a friend, giving accurate answers as well. However, when it comes to content writing, this tool takes the form of an AI writing generator GPT and generates next-level updated content.

Everyone knows how to use GPT. But let us provide you with some tips that will level up your content generation using the tool.


Utilize Historical Data Input

Imagine you’re teaching a new friend how to make your favorite sandwich. You’d probably show them the sandwiches you’ve made in the past, right? It’s the same with AI writing tools! When you feed it examples of your past writing, it’s like showing it in your recipe book. This way, the AI gets to know what you like. It learns your style, words, and even how you like to start and end things. 

It’s like giving the AI a map of your writing world. Next time you ask it to write something, it’ll be like, “Aha! I know what you like!” And voilà, it writes stuff that sounds more like you!


Combine Multiple AI Outputs

Using AI to write is a bit like making a delicious stew. You know how stews taste better with a mix of ingredients? The same goes for AI writing. When you ask your AI tool to create something, it’s like getting one ingredient. But why stop there? Let’s get a bunch of ingredients (or AI responses) and mix them!

This way, you’re not just getting potatoes; you’re getting potatoes, carrots, onions, and all sorts of goodies mixed into one awesome stew of content. When you blend different AI outputs, your writing gets richer and fuller. It’s like having a whole team of paragraph writers on your computer, all adding their special touch to make your content super tasty!


Create Custom Templates

Think of templates like your favorite cookie cutters. You’ve got one for stars, moons, and maybe one for little dinosaurs. When you use these cutters, you get cookies in these cool shapes every time, right? That’s what making templates for your AI writer is like. You often create a special shape or pattern for different kinds of writing.

Maybe one for blog posts, another for reports, and a third for fun stories. Each time you use these templates, your AI pal knows exactly what shape to follow. This means you get consistent, awesome-looking content every time. Just like those perfect star-shaped cookies!


Set The Desired Content Structure

Now, let’s talk about building your content like a pro-Lego builder! Setting the structure for your content is like deciding what kind of Lego creation you will make. Is it a spaceship? A castle? A giant robot? When you tell your AI writing tool, “Hey, I want an introduction, then three main points, and a cool conclusion,” it’s like giving it the blueprint for your Lego masterpiece.

The AI then knows how to stack those Lego bricks (or words) in the right order. This way, your writing has a neat beginning, a middle that makes sense, and an end that wraps everything up. It’s like guiding your AI to build the coolest Lego structure ever, but with words!


Incorporate Real-Time Events And Data

Imagine you’re a news reporter, and you have to write about what’s happening right now. Would you talk about last year’s snowball fight? Nope! You’d talk about today’s big snowstorm or the cool sled race at the park. You do that when you incorporate real-time events and data into your AI writing.

If you’re writing about something happening now or recently, you tell your AI buddy, “Hey, let’s include the latest and greatest info!” This way, your content is as fresh as hot pizza straight from the oven. It’s about what’s happening right now; everyone wants to read about that!


Regularly Update AI On Brand Guidelines

Think AI as an artist painting a picture of your brand. But even the best artists need to know what to paint, right? That’s where your brand guidelines come in. They’re like a set of colors and themes that make your brand special. Maybe your brand is about being fun and colorful, or it’s serious and professional.

Regularly updating your AI with these guidelines means you’re giving the artist the right set of paints and brushes. This way, every time the AI writes something, it feels like it truly belongs to your brand. It’s like ensuring every painting has your brand’s unique signature style!


Be The Master

When using AI writing generator GPT, keeping these tips in mind can elevate your content production. Employ these techniques using your prompts and get more productive output. 

ChatGPT relies on training. So spend proper time feeding GPT the type of content you want and make it your personal assistant.


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