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8 Inspiring Video Intro Examples To Copy In 2023

You already know a number of tips to create a captivating intro for YouTube. But you won’t learn anything until you put those tips into practice. Sometimes, you fear a lot as a beginner whether your video will work or not, but this should not be your main concern. You only should focus on your quality content. So today, you are going to see some real-time video intro examples that will inspire you to begin your channel today.


Introduction Video Examples

In online content, making a great first impression is crucial. That’s where introduction videos come into play. These short videos serve as the gateway to your content, offering a sneak peek into what viewers can expect. We’ve curated some inspiring introduction video ideas from various fields to help you understand the power of a well-crafted intro. Let’s dive in and explore what makes these intros so effective:

1. The Classic Teaser

Movie Trailer

The teaser trailer for the movie “Inception” is an excellent example. It gives viewers a taste of the film’s mind-bending visuals and action sequences without revealing too much about the plot.

Product Teaser

Apple’s product launch teasers are classic examples. They often show glimpses of upcoming products. It creates anticipation and excitement among Apple fans.


2. The Storyteller’s Opening

TED Talk By Brené Brown

Brené Brown’s TED Talk on vulnerability starts with a personal story about her research. She engages the audience by sharing her journey, making the topic relatable.

Documentary “Jiro Dreams Of Sushi”

The documentary about Jiro Ono, an 85-year-old sushi master in Tokyo, begins with a brief narrative. It states Jiro’s dedication to perfecting his craft. This intro sets the stage for the exploration of his life and work.


3. The Dynamic Visual Showcase

Casey Neistat’s Vlogs

Casey Neistat, a popular YouTuber, often opens his vlogs with dynamic visual showcases. These intros feature impressive drone shots, time-lapses, and high-energy clips from his life.

National Geographic’s Nature Documentaries

Documentaries produced by National Geographic are known for their stunning visual showcases. They captivate viewers by using high-quality footage of wildlife, landscapes, and natural phenomena.

Tasty’s Cooking Videos

Tasty, a popular food channel, starts its cooking videos with dynamic visual showcases of the recipe. Close-up shots of ingredients, chopping, and cooking processes create visual appeal.


4. The Music-Driven Opener

MTV’s “Unplugged” Series

MTV’s “Unplugged” series often opens with a music-driven intro. It features live performances by artists in an intimate, acoustic setting. The music sets the tone for the show and captures the essence of the featured artist’s work.

Top Gear’s Opening Theme

The popular TV show “Top Gear” uses a music-driven intro with a high-energy theme song. It instantly grabs viewers’ attention and signals they’re in for an exciting and adventurous automotive experience.


5. The Call To Action Kickstart

YouTube Channels

Many YouTube creators start their videos with a call to action. They encourage viewers to subscribe, like, or comment on their content. For example, tech reviewers often ask viewers to “hit the subscribe button” and “ring the notification bell” at the beginning of their videos.

TED Talks

TED speakers often use a call to action as an introduction. They might ask the audience a thought-provoking question or challenge them to think differently about a topic.


6. The Educational Introduction

CrashCourse On YouTube

The “CrashCourse” YouTube channel is known for its educational content. They often start their videos with an educational introduction. They use animations and clear explanations to introduce complex topics visually and engagingly.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy’s educational videos begin with an introduction. It outlines the lesson’s learning objectives and sets the stage for the following educational content.


7. The Branding Blueprint

Netflix Intro

When you start a show on Netflix, you often see the Netflix logo animation and the signature “ta-dum” sound. This brief intro serves as branding for the platform and creates anticipation for the following content.

Universal Pictures Intro

Before many Universal Pictures films, you’ll see their iconic logo animation with dramatic music. This intro not only brands the studio but also sets the tone for the movie.


8. The User-Generated Opening

User Reviews In App Commercials

Many commercial services start by showcasing real user reviews and testimonials. For example, an app for language learning might begin with snippets of users talking about how the app improved their language skills.

Crowdsourced Content

Some YouTube channels open with content submitted by their viewers. For instance, a cooking channel might start with clips of viewers preparing dishes using the channel’s recipes. It creates a sense of community and involvement.


Craft Your Identity

If you are confused about how to create an impactful intro, have a look at these video intro examples to get inspiration. You can see each of them used a unique approach that became their identity. So you, too, can follow their path and become one of the biggest content creators in the near future.

In addition, experimenting with various video script templates can take your intro creation skills to the next level. So start utilizing these pre-built templates now and double the impact of your videos.


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