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Analyzing The Most Popular TikToks Of 2023

Today, content creation has become more difficult than ever. People find creative ways to become viral, but they can’t make it due to high competition. Here, some examples can serve as a guide or idea for content. Discussing TikTok specifically, let’s analyze the most popular tiktoks of 2023 so that you can follow their creativity and become famous like them.


1. @khaby.lame

– This is my life when I try to do something new. #life #fail #meme


@khaby.lame is known for his short, humorous videos. His content often depicts everyday situations and how they can go hilariously wrong. In this video, he attempts something new, inevitably leading to a comical failure.

Why It Became Famous?

This video became famous because of its relatability. Many viewers found humor in how @khaby.lame portrays common struggles and setbacks when trying new things.

Using hashtags like #life, #fail, and #meme helped it reach a wider audience. The quick, funny format of TikTok made it easily shareable.


2. @bellapoarch

– M to the B. #music #dance #challenge


In this TikTok, @bellapoarch performs a dance routine set to the viral track “M to the B” by Millie B. She used one of the TikTok hooks and showcased her dance skills with confidence and attitude.

Why It Became Famous?

This video gained fame due to the catchy dance challenge and Bella’s charismatic performance. The “M to the B” challenge became a trend on TikTok, and Bella’s video was one of the most popular renditions. Her engaging dance moves and the trending music track attracted viewers.

Using hashtags like #music, #dance, and #challenge helped it gain popularity within the TikTok community.


3. @charlidamelio

– Vibe check 😎 #dance #challenge #meme


Charli D’Amelio, one of TikTok’s most famous creators, takes on the “vibe check” challenge in this video. She showcases her impressive dance skills and adds her unique spin to the popular trend.

Why It Became Famous?

Charli’s video became famous due to her TikTok icon status and exceptional dancing abilities. Her participation in the “vibe check” challenge added credibility to the trend, and her energetic performance resonated with her large fan base.

Using trending hashtags like #dance, #challenge, and #meme helped boost its visibility, making it one of the standout videos of 2023.


4. @addisonre

– It’s lit 🔥 #dance #challenge #meme


Addison Rae, a well-known TikTok influencer, participates in a dance challenge. She showcases her dance skills with enthusiasm and charisma, following a trending dance routine.

Why It Became Famous?

Addison Rae’s video gained fame because of her massive following and ability to stay in tune with trends. The dance challenge she took part in was already trending on the platform. Her participation added to its popularity.

Using hashtags like #dance, #challenge, and #meme helped the video reach a broad audience, and her engaging performance made it a hit among her fans and TikTok users in general.


5. @dixondames

– Sisterhood is powerful 👯‍♀️ #dance #challenge #meme


The @dixondames TikTok account, presumably featuring two friends or sisters, showcases their synchronized dance moves in this video. They participate in a dance challenge, displaying their coordination and sisterly bond.

Why It Became Famous?

This video became famous due to the chemistry and synchronization between the @dixondames. Their dance moves and the hashtag #dance challenge increased the video’s popularity.

Hashtags like #dance, #challenge, and #meme contributed to its reach. It resonated with viewers who appreciated the display of sisterhood and the fun dance challenge.


6. @willsmith

– Welcome to the internet! #comedy #meme #reaction


Hollywood actor Will Smith reacts to various internet trends and memes in this video. He offers his comedic take on internet culture.

Why It Became Famous?

Will Smith’s video gained fame because of his celebrity status and the humor he injected into the content. His reaction to internet trends and memes resonated with a wide audience.

Using hashtags like #comedy, #meme, and #reaction helped it gain visibility within the TikTok community. Viewers appreciated seeing a well-known actor humorously engaging with internet culture.


TikTok Success

These were the most popular tiktoks of 2023. By analyzing these videos, you can have an idea of how much creativity matters in TikTok. So whenever you create your video, make sure to use video script templates to add a creative element to your content and see your video coming in the top 5 of the year like these.


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