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Is InVideo Free? All You Need To Know About This Magic Tool

Today, when good video creation has become essential, some tools are here to save the day. These tools help you create a professional-level video with minimal effort. One of these useful gadgets is invideo. Don’t know what this tool is about? Don’t worry. Today, we are exploring the usefulness of invideo and telling you basic things about it, like is invideo free or not. You will get all your answers. So, let’s dive into the creativity it offers.


Is InVideo Free?

InVideo is a powerful tool that helps people create amazing videos. But here’s many people’s big question: Is InVideo free to use? Let’s find out.

Yes, InVideo Offers A Free Plan

The good news is that InVideo does offer a free plan. It’s like a sneak peek into the world of video creation. With the free plan, you get to access some of the fantastic features of InVideo without having to pay a dime. It’s great for those who want to try it and learn the ropes of video editing.

What You Get With The Free Plan?

Access to Templates: InVideo provides a variety of video script templates, and with the free plan, you can use them to create your videos.

Images and Videos: You can use InVideo’s vast library of images and videos for your projects.

Basic Editing Tools: You can access essential editing tools like trimming and cutting videos, adding music, and more.

But, There Are Some Limitations

While the free plan is a fantastic starting point, it does have some limitations:

Watermark: Your videos will have a small InVideo watermark.

Video Quality: You can export videos in 720p quality, which is good but not the highest.

Duration: The free plan limits your video’s duration, so you might need to upgrade if you want to create longer videos.


The Paid Plan

InVideo’s paid plan takes your video creation to the next level. While the free plan offers a taste of what InVideo can do, the paid plan unlocks a world of possibilities. Here’s what you can expect:

No Watermark

With the paid plan, your videos won’t have the InVideo watermark. This gives your content a professional and polished look, perfect for sharing with your audience.

High-Quality Export

You can export your videos in 1080p quality, which is fantastic for crisp and clear visuals. This upgrade ensures your videos look top-notch on various platforms.

Longer Video Duration

The paid plan allows you to create longer videos. This is ideal for projects that require more time to tell your story or convey your message effectively.

Full Access To InVideo’s Library

You get unrestricted access to InVideo’s extensive images, videos, and music library. This means you have a wider range of resources to make your videos more engaging.

Priority Support

If you ever need assistance, the paid plan offers priority customer support. This means your questions and concerns get addressed more quickly.


How to Get Started With InVideo

Getting started with InVideo is a straightforward process, and it’s an exciting journey into the world of video creation. Here’s a step-by-step guide for you to kickstart your creative adventure:

Sign Up And Log In

Begin by visiting the InVideo website. You’ll need to create an account. Choose a strong password and sign up with your email or social media account. Once you’re all set, log in to your newly created InVideo account.

Explore The Dashboard

You’ll land on the InVideo dashboard, your creative hub. Here, you can start new projects, access saved ones, and explore various templates for different types of videos.

Create A New Project

Click on “New Project” to begin your video creation journey. You’ll have the option to choose a blank canvas or start from a template. Templates can be a great starting point, especially if you’re new to video editing. Also, use Youtube video script generators to generate basic content for your video.

Choose A Template (Optional)

InVideo offers a wide array of templates designed for different purposes. Whether you’re creating a promotional video, a social media post, or a special announcement, there’s a template for you. Select the one that best suits your project.

Edit Your Video

Now comes the fun part. Use the easy-to-navigate video editor to customize your video. You can create unique content by adding images, videos, music, and text. InVideo provides a user-friendly interface that allows you to trim, crop, and adjust your visuals to perfection.

Add Music And Voice Overs

Enhance your video by adding music from InVideo’s vast library or incorporating your audio. If you want to add a voiceover right within the platform, you can do that, too.

Make It Your Own

Customize your video by adjusting colors, fonts, and transitions. You can even add logos and branding elements to make your content unique.

Preview And Export

Before finalizing your video, use the preview feature to see how it looks. Once satisfied, click the export button, and your video will be ready to share.

Share Your Creation

Now that you’ve created your video, it’s time to share it with your audience. You can post it on social media, your website, or wherever it impacts most.t.

Learn And Improve

As you create more videos, you’ll become more skilled. Don’t hesitate to explore and experiment with different features and styles to keep growing as a video creator.


Start Your InVideo Journey Today

Now that you know “is invideo free?” and the capabilities of this tool, start utilizing its remarkable features and take your video creation to the next level. If you can’t buy the paid plan, use its free package, which also offers wonderful features. So start grasping your hands in this tool and master the art of marvelous video creation.


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